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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Sandwich
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationMaster
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Sandwich is a one foot, seven inch long armored Millipede creature, with soft grey fuzz covering most of his body, except for his underbelly, which is bare and fleshy. He has two long antennae that look similar to feathers. He has forty six individual legs, each ending in a two pronged stabbing/grasping claw. He has a coven rune on his belly.

Equipment and Resources

Sandwich has resource access typical to any other case 53 ward.

Wealth Level: 2

Skills and Specializations

Can play piano. Minor combat training from his brief time as a Tallahassee Ward. Shockingly good swimmer.


Sandwich is extremely friendly, personable, and helpful, with a strong heroic urge, and a desire to better himself and others in any way he can.


Sandwich has no eyesight, and senses his surroundings via his antenna, which pick up vibrations, heat, and electrical energy. His limbs are good at climbing surfaces, and he can scale even sheer surfaces, such as glass and metal.

Sandwich can latch on to the spinal column of animals and corpses that are at least 80% intact, and take control of the nervous system of the host. This process takes a full minute. Once connected, he has access to all of the hosts senses, and requires surgery to be removed against his will. He can puppet the host body with incredible skill.

Any living thing he is latched on to also undergoes an odd change. They gain the ability to consume and process metals, which are then added to their body in the place of Sandwich's choosing. Unfortunately for the host, their bodies still aren't built to properly handle metal parts, so while this can provide incredible boosts in the short term, over the long term this metallicification is universally fatal.


Sandwich first came to the attention of the Protectorate via a persistent urban legend, the Cyber Gator. It was believed to be a myth until someone caught video of a metal clad sixteen footer munching on a hubcap.

The local Protectorate, fearing that this was the work of Florida's feared biotinker, Doctor Crocodile (Doc Croc), sprang into action and tracked down the reptile. They subdued the beast easily, and discovered Sandwich latched onto its spine.

The presence of a coven rune let them know they were dealing with a case 53, and they were finally able to communicate when they gave him a raven as a host.

When they did, they discovered that the freaky creature desired to be a hero, and insisted that he had chosen the name "Sandwich", as "Sandwiches are cool, and I am cool, so it makes sense."

He has been a prospective Ward for less than a month now, and the Tallahassee Protectorate was very, very keen to do a trade with another branch. Lucky for Ashton.