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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Isaac Salton
Alignment Villain, Mercenary
Affiliation None (Unknown)
Status NPC
Height 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Partner(s) Skeletron
Reddit Sheet

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Character Sheet


Isaac stands at five foot five, with close cut brown hair and light brown skin. He has narrow shoulders, and a slim athletic frame.

Equipment and Resources

30 grand in bearer bonds, a bank account with ten grand in checking, a credit card with a 500$ credit limit, a small apartment with two months rent paid in advance to a landlord that doesn't ask many questions in the Ashton ghetto, and a Van with plenty of leg room.

Ozone’s costume is built with his power in mind. His mask is made of metal, with a silvery sheen. The lenses are bright blue, with laser filters behind them, and they are slanted to look annoyed or angry. There is no mouth on the mask, there is a speaker that distorts his voice instead. The mask has a walkie talkie built in, that is turned on by pressing the button on the side of the helmet. The encryption is poor to middling.

The under suit of the costume is blue, and padded spandex. The connection between the mask and the chest plate is a chain mesh scarf.

The chest is a metal breastplate, with a battery pack on the back feeding into a pair of small LED lamps on the shoulders. The front has a bandoleer where he keeps several flash powder bombs. Wires trail down both arms, pinned tight to the clothing. His gloves are also metal, and each of them has a set of four blue single watt laser diodes built in just above each finger. Controls to turn the lasers on and off, as well as spotlight controls, are located on the side of the hand near the thumb, and are simple buttons that correspond to on and off.

The costume has metal knee and elbow pads. The costume is completed by a set of metal boots, in the same silvered color as the rest of the ensemble.

Ozone carries a 9mm pistol, four knives hidden in various spots on his costume, two stun guns, and a pair of binoculars.

Skills and Specializations

Ozone is a horrible marksman with firearms, but a crack shot with his power. His hand to hand skills are decent, but nothing amazing. He knows enough electrical engineering to get by. He's very good at math, but hasn't had any formal education past high school, and some online courses.


Ozone is irreverent and goofy, doing whatever it is he pleases, whenever he pleases. He doesn't care much about danger, or have much empathy for other people, except those he has become attached to.


Ozone creates dynakinetic distortion bubbles. They measure two feet across, and appears as shimmering globes. Any energy that enters these distortions, except for kinetic, is redirected out of the globe as a beam, with the thickness of a pencil, in the direction of Ozone’s choosing. These bubbles are Manton limited, and cannot leech energy from living creatures. They also do not redirect sunlight, or ambient heat energy below 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The beam propagates forward at 250 mph.

Ozone needs to physically be in contact with a bubble to move it, or aim it in a different direction. Ozone can have up to six bubbles active at any one time. He can dismiss any bubble by touching it, or moving out of range. If the bubble moves further than fifty feet from Ozone, it disappears. Ozone can only create bubbles within physical contact of his body.

Ozones distortion bubbles work on exotic energies, such as hard light, energy based force fields, and most beam attacks, but the results can be odd.