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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Kobold
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Tallahassee)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

The legendary Ward. Known for more incidents than can be properly listed on this sheet. A meme on PHO. Has personally set C53 relations back twenty years by herself, alone.

Character Sheet


Kobold stands at a full height of three and a half feet tall. She is a blue scaled, dog like lizard humanoid, with a foot and a half long tail. Her Coven tattoo is on her lower spine, just above her tail.

Equipment and Resources

Ward salary

lots of odds and ends (Electronics, scrap metal, etc) for on-site tinker tech production

Skills and Specializations

Kobold's claws are well suited to digging and climbing. Kobold has a surprisingly loud shout for something of her size.


Kobold is paranoid and aggressive when threatened. She has a relentless obsession for valuable objects, but how she defines value is shaky and unclear. Despite this, she actually craves physical closeness and contact, making for an odd dichotomy.

Kobold is an experienced cape with rampant paranoia. She desperately wants to belong somewhere again, but constant betrayal has left her totally incapable of forming bonds with people in any normal manner. Her fondest wish is to be a hero, and she will fight tooth and nail to prove herself.


Chaos Tinker: Kludge

Outside of combat or any threats or pressure, given plenty of time and resources, Kobold can barely function as a tinker. Her work is garbage, and barely worthy of the name tinkertech.

However when put under pressure, given limited resources, or placed into serious conflict, her tinkering improves. She works faster, she can use materials more creatively, and the devices she makes are much better. She can use anything available to her to tinker, including tinkertech from other people.

The more danger, pressure, or conflict she is under, the better and faster she can build. At the very upper ends, she doesn’t even need to pay attention, letting her power build with her hands while she focuses on staying alive.

Objects she makes are often single purpose, single use, or tailored to the situation at hand. They do not have to be. The power tends to find the easiest solution to solving the issue at hand using the tools and objects available, taking into account its need for conflict.

Trigger type Second Trigger