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Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Gale Masterson
Affiliation Pantheon (San Diego)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

The section where these words are is the "Public Information" section, along with the "Appearance" section below. Only put information here that the average member of the public would know about your character. That way, someone looking to avoid accidental metagaming can just look ONLY at those sections, to get an idea of your character.

Basically, it's just a little summary of them, and of what we know publicly. Don't be too worried if there's not a lot here! Once they've been around for awhile, it may help to create a little timeline sorta thing using a bulleted list.

Character Sheet


Hyperion is a Caucasian male, standing at around 5 feet 9 inches, with light brown hair worn in a buzz cut. He has blue green eyes, and a cheerful demeanor. He weighs around 190 pounds, but yoyos as high as 200.

The costume is a cobbled together fusion of old Milsurp gear, and the contents of a local Home Depot. The chest piece is a milsurp flak vest, worm over leather biking gear. The gloves are heavy duty eubber, tucked into the sleeves of the jacket. There is a bandolier which has been heavily modified to hold Hyperion's special tech, as well as a similarly modified belt. The boots are heavy duty, and clip to the pants. The mask is a swat helmet, that has been fastened to a filtration mask with epoxy and duct tape. There are pieces of metal over several vital joints, as well as the outline of a cup in the trousers. The ensemble is completed with a small chain mesh neck protector, that hooks to the helmet. The entire thing has been painted a deep blue, with gold-orange highlights.

Equipment and Resources

What do they have at their disposal? Things from liquid assets down to contacts and other resources. Don't need to get too inane here.


Skills and Specializations





Put your power info here. Also include if they are a single/1.5/double/second trigger, coven cape, etc. For the most part this will be a copy-paste from your reddit sheet.