Greater-than Colon Three

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Greater-than Colon Three
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Alex Delaney
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationBreaker (Thinker, Mover)
Status NPC
Other names >:3
Reddit Sheet

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Greater-than Colon Three is a notorious Internet troll, in the style of Ken M or 27b/6. He runs a small blog detailing his 'conquests'. The often anomalous nature of his trolling has made it clear that he is some form of cape, but current public consensus is that he is a Thinker or Tinker, but an extremely specific or weak one.

Alex Delaney is listed as deceased. His body has been interred in a small cemetery on the west side of Ashton. His funeral was three years ago, and was a small family affair.

Character Sheet


Greater-thanColon Three has no physical body, but often uses emotes as a calling card of his presence.

Equipment and Resources


Skills and Specializations

Alex is decent at video games, programming, and other mental pursuits he has access to.


Alex is bored. As much fun as his breaker state was at first, the luster has worn off. There is surprisingly little to do as an infomorph, and there is only so many spooky prank calls that can be made before fucking with people become boring. His lack of need to sleep only gives him more time to be bored.

He desperately misses physical sensation, is spiraling into depression, and is starved for novelty. His physical separation from humanity has begun causing an emotional separation as well, and as time goes on he has started to see people as toys to amuse himself with.


Greater-than Colon Three is a Breaker, and can broadly be described as an infomorph.

Greater-than Colon Three can possess any electrical based, Turing complete device. In order to 'jump' into a device, he must have access to an interface capable of passing data between his current device and his target device, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cabling, ect. Data must be able to pass over the connection as it is at that moment.

While inhabiting a device, any currently stored data becomes inaccessible, and is suppressed until Greater-than jumps. This includes software, stored data, and drivers. Essentially, the only thing capable of running on the device while it is being possessed, is Greater-than himself.

While inhabiting a device, Greater-than gains access to the devices functions that are not related to software. This includes output devices, controlled devices, peripherals, and basic functions. Any sensory input the device receives is received by Greater-than, such as microphones, cameras, vibration sensors, ect.

If the device he is inhabiting is destroyed or rendered inoperable, he dies.

His power would allow him to jump back into his human body if within range of it, however his body died during his trigger event, and he is thus trapped in his breaker state.

Trigger type: Single


Alex was an absolute terror as a child. He was never violent, he didn't have the body for it, considering he was in a wheelchair from the age of 5 onward. But he was bitter, and sarcastic, and generally a bit of a turd to everyone. Even when he did manage to make friends, he could never keep his self loathing from manifesting as bitter anger.

He always had a glib remark ready, relying on his status as a handicapped person to keep him safe from retaliation. Sadly, at age 13, his luck finally ran out.

After insulting a local gang tough with a series of phrases I won't repeat here, he found himself wheeled away from the school cameras, and beaten mercilessly.

As he lay there on the ground, being smashed with his own chair, he desperately tried to crawl away. To be anywhere but here, to be anyone but him, to be..

He woke to darkness. He could feel paths he could take. They all felt cold, except for one that felt warm, but too distant to reach.

It took him hours to realize what had happened, and that he has jumped into a gangsters phone. It took several more hours to hop his way through the network, an unfamiliar world, all the way to the hospital.

The hospital where he had been pronounced dead twenty minutes earlier.