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META NOTE: Not for play.


The possibility that non-human life could exhibit the same or similar abilities to those seen throughout parahumanity, has been theorized since shortly after their discovery. It wasn't until 2002 that a verifiable instance of such a thing was found.

June 3rd 2002 - Columbus, Ohio

Law enforcement was roused into action following an explosion on the grounds of a local animal testing facility.

Things were bad from the get-go, as soon as Protectorate and PRT forces arrived they were forced to neutralize a sedan sized changer that had been eating one of the deceased. Which Genetic analysis would later show was originally a domestic canine

Entering the building properly had presented a charnel house, that appeared to be under the effects of multiple Shaker powers. Early into the search efforts, Protectorate Hero *'Third-eye'* was able to detect and contain a feline with a visual distortion stranger ability (See:Case-160-a).

A number of the escaped animals would need to be neutralized/euthanized during the course of sweeping the building, however an additional four triggered Animals were successfully recovered alive, including the following:

  • A Canine, with a master effect that cannot be approached with negative intent. (See: Case-160-b)
  • A Feline, with an involuntary time dilation shaker field. (See: Case-160-c)
  • A Laboratory Mouse, that had quadrupled in size, and possesses potent regeneration. (See: Case-160-d)
  • A Laboratory Mouse, that can teleport short distances (5-10 feet) via line-of sight (Case-160-e)

Detailed but incomplete research notes were recovered in the personal laboratory space of an unnamed, and confirmed-deceased tinker (See: CMH-2002-3021) who appears to have been employeed at AmberCoGenes, and who instigated the inhumane experimentation that resulted in this massacre.

The details of the experiment are recorded in great detail, but allude to a number of theories and procedures that are not documented anywhere among his notes, leaving gaps in the process that resulted in these animals triggering. What is alarmingly clear is that the methods used while helped greatly with access to tinker technology, is theoretically replicable without its use.