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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Wilson Smith
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Internal Affairs) (Unknown)
Status NPC
Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Reddit Sheet

Almost nothing is known publicly about the hero known as Auditor. He is officially listed by the Protectorate roster as part of an anti-Master/Stranger group, and is known to travel between branches regularly. He is listed as a Thinker, but his power is not available to the public.

Within the Protectorate and PRT, the lower levels know he’s some kind of Thinker specialist. There are whispers that he is part of the most terrifying villain group of them all; Internal Affairs.

Character Sheet


Auditor is a 5’11”, caucasian individual with close cropped brown hair. He looks distressingly average out of costume. In costume he wears a pressed black suit and tie. His mask is a strip of white cloth, tied over his eyes, so he appears to be blindfolded at first glance, though he can actually see through two sections of the cloth which are designed for it.

Equipment and Resources

Auditor has access to the resources of the internal affairs division of the Protectorate, including access to files and information the public does not. He makes a decent protectorate salary, and drives a range rover when off the clock.

He has a home in Chicago, but he rarely stays there, due to his job taking him to branches across the country.

  • Standard issue police sidearm
  • Vague ‘specialist’ badge
  • Internal Affairs badge

Skills and Specializations

Skills Auditor has standard police training, as well as years of detective experience. He is a decent hand at interrogation, but doesn’t use it often. He is a trained stunt driver. He is trained at CQC, but doesn’t get much real world experience.


Auditor is a by the book hard ass. He is open to compromise with people he respects, but he refuses to allow injustice to go unpunished. He doesn’t enjoy free time, preferring to work. His power makes it far too easy to ruminate on his own failures.


Trigger type: Single Trigger

Auditor is a thinker with two functions to his power set.

First, he has perfect recall. He remembers information in perfect detail, and can recall things with minimal effort.

Second, he has object based post cognition. If he holds onto an object or touches a surface for five seconds, and concentrates, he learns the entire history of that object. He does not gain any sensory information, but a detailed biography of the object, such as when it was made, what it was used for, where it has been, if it was damaged, and other such details.

His information gathering ability only goes as far back as the objects 'creation'. If it was separate objects before a certain point, his power doesn't give him anything before that. He does not get any information about who the object was used by, or why, only what and when, and sometimes how. His power only works on discrete objects, not things like buildings.