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Mask's Base Form. Imagine with a more distinct head & neck and actual feet
Notoriety Criminal
D / $
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT Classification Changer, (Brute, Stranger)
Status Deceased
Other names Grace Jenkins, Jacob Smith
Reddit Sheet

Public Information

Known as a fairly versatile and strong Changer case 53, has done a fair number of robberies. Rumors of being in a villain group with Duelist, Sensum, and Szpack, though no specifics are known to the wider public yet.

Fought Famine 3 and did not survive, deceased

Physical Appearance

A creature of twisted flesh with pale, discolored skin. It has no mouth, and simply 2 holes for a nose. Its eyes are recessed and seem to lack any detail to them, like pupils or an iris. It has 4 fingers on each hand twisted like claws. Their flesh seems to be almost constantly wriggling and writhing beneath their skin, and they have no distinct gender. When they are agitated or experience a strong emotion their body shifts and twists, forming some animal parts or changing appearance or color somewhat. These changes are mostly cosmetic and don't serve a real purpose. Their base form stands at 7 feet tall.

Mask has no distinct gender and does not refer to themselves as 'He' or 'She' in their base form. Settled-in forms will have genders and will refer to themselves as such even in thoughts or action text.

Mask has the Case-53 symbol on the back of their head. This is visible in any form they take but is usually covered up by any hair the form has.

Mask's forms can form their own distinct personalities and appearances. These are listed in the following Section


Mask's current Mass Sheet

  • Mask (Base)
    • Mentality: Same as in Mentality (-1/F/?)
    • Appearance: Same as in Physical Appearance
  • Jacob Smith
    • Mentality: Somewhat immature, a bit stand-offish. Not very diverged yet.
    • Appearance: Caucasian Male, appears to be in late teens, brown hair and fairly average appearance.
  • Grace Jenkins
    • Mentality: Stand-offish, doesn't like authority, interested in music, is especially a fan of Rockstar.
    • Appearance: Teenaged girl, brown-black hair, general punk-rock aesthetic. Appears to be of mixed descent, appearing somewhat Indian in origin
  • Luca Romano
    • Mentality: Loyal, a personality built to stand in as a mafia enforcer / lieutenant. A harsh man with no time for playing.
    • Appearance: A muscular, brick house of a man. Appears Italian. Many faint scars all over along with generic 'badass' tattoos.


When in their base form, they think more logically and coldly, taking in data and processing it for a more optimal solution. This mindset somewhat breaks down with stronger emotion or distress, causing less logical decision making.

When in one of their forms, they take personality traits and quirks associated with such character. This can result in things like a change in Morality for some forms.


Lives in a Mafia compound, has 3 lieutenants working for them.

  • Wealth Level: 4


A glock handgun, along with 2 clips of ammunition.

A crowbar

Other general equipment. (Mostly basic stuff he can access when going out.)


  • Animalistic Combat Style (Somewhat gained from power)
  • Proper Etiquette
  • Character Acting (Moderately Experienced)
  • General Acting (Moderately Experienced)
  • Filming & Video Editing
  • Film History Knowledge
  • Analytical Mind with good Memory (Given via new mindset and somewhat from minor enhanced physicality of power)
  • Innate Biological Understanding of available biological forms
  • More traditional brawling skills, some gun training with the Mafia.
  • Knowledge of music genres and subgenres (Grace)
  • Knowledge of popular celebrities (Grace)


Changer (Brute/Stranger)

Mask is a versatile changer with the ability to freely shift and manipulate its own body for various purposes. Using this, it is capable of growing extra limbs, organs, orifices, you name it. They are only capable of replicating the forms/parts of animals they have previously consumed. Mask counts as having all human parts by default since Mask was originally human. Mask is capable of mimicking the appearance of people, though it is inaccurate, only able to pass as them from a distance. Mask is capable of sustaining sizes between that of roughly a small dog or an adult African Elephant. Mask also has an internal pocket dimension that can store roughly a Polar Bear’s worth of meat (~ 450 kg).Mask typically has the relative strength of animals it is around the size of, though if they are the size of a human or smaller, they can have roughly 1.5x the strength of a peak efficiency animal of their size.

Mask can make small changes (Things on the level of growing an arm, or things of comparable scale) freely once per turn, or larger changes (Growing a carapace over one’s self, growing multiple legs/arms, growing from the size of a person to a grizzly bear) over the course of an entire round’s worth of concentration.

For things like wings, the maximum weight at which Mask can sustain flight is 500 pounds, and even then the flight is bulky, slow, and takes a long time to take off. At lower masses it can be faster and more maneuverable, capping out at 30 miles an hour at roughly the size of a human teenager or below.

Mental stuff: While Mask cannot assume the form of specific people, individual forms it has taken before can be replicated exactly later. The more a particular form is used, it can begin to develop a distinct personality. While away from a form for a length of time this personality tends to degrade, but for times where Mask is regularly assuming a form (Say, at least once a week) personalities can begin to form.Mask does not need to necessarily concentrate to maintain forms, but for roughly 8 hours in every week's time, Mask must retain a form at least close to its base form or risk increasing mental degradation over time.

Secondary Effects:

Mask has a fairly accurate chemical sense over its surface, able to get a fairly basic sense of what a person is feeling based on the hormones they release from their skin when in contact with them.

Mask is capable of consuming nearly any organic compound safely and converting it to mass for them to use with high efficiency. They also consume a large amount of mass to remain active on a daily basis, requiring fairly large and regular meals if they wish to sustain fairly large sizes.

Mask’s body innately defends itself from death on a limited basis, rerouting the functions of critical damaged organs to others when needed. Doing this causes some rather severe stress if this needs to be done, tiring them greatly. Generally, if you can cause a few organs to need to do this, Mask is effectively knocked unconscious for several hours until recovered. Mask can sustain damage to up to 60% of it's brain while remaining alive with this, though any decent amount of brain damage sustained will knock Mask in a coma for several days until recovered.

Mask is capable of controlling it's release of hormones to fight off regular fatigue for much longer than would be normal, allowing it to effectively sustain itself with only 2 hours of sleep a day.

Trigger type: Single Coven Vial, loss of humanity/self

Biological Forms

Below is a generally comprehensive list of the animals Mask has consumed as well as some example and notable changes from animals Mask has consumed.

Available Forms:

Mammal: Human, Cow, Cat, Rat, Dog, White-Tail Deer, North American Wolf, Siberian Tiger, Prehensile-tailed porcupine

Avian: Pigeon, Crow, Owl

Reptile: Leopard Gecko, Turtle, Veiled Chameleon, Garter Snake, Gila Monster

Fish/Ocean Dwellers: Lobster, Eelpout, Codfish, Red Clawed Crab, Catfish, Other small fish, Glofish Betta fish

Amphibians: N/A

Arthropods/Most Invertebrates: Carpenter Ant Worker, American Cockroach, Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion, Aquatic Snail, Chilean Rose Tarantula, Earth Worm

Other: Tardigrades


Elly stepped into the grocery store with a grin and a sing-song tune, walking through the halls of the store, picking up and eating what she wanted. When an attendant came to intervene, telling her she couldn't do they for a moment he could swear her eyes had shifted into cat's pupils. Then suddenly the cashier saw her arms bulking up as she wrestled him to the ground, knocking him out in a single well-placed punch. She then goes back to eating her candy. The security at the place are alerted and they come to investigate. When seeing them come, Elly fades away as Mask's form emerges, growing with twisted, writhing flesh as they looks around for a way to escape. It spots a vent and pumps up its speed, dashing for it quickly. The security spot it and begin to signal the police as they scamper into the vent and escape the building.


He was the son of a rich man. Spoiled from birth, he was given everything he could really desire, except for the one thing he really desired: fame in filming. however his father wouldn't approve of it so he cut off ties and began a career in filming. Without his father's connections and wealth he was only able to make low-budget films. He acted in and produced the films, but when he would submit them to film festivals there wasn't quite the fame or attention he so craved. As he continued to try more and more, his funds began to run low and his dream was fading more and more from view. That was when he heard of it. Rumors of vials able to give you superpowers. And well, who could imagine how wildly successful his films would be if they were produced by a cape, especially if they were to have more media-oriented abilities.

So he did some digging and got in contact with Coven. He was able to siphon off the necessary funds off his father's accounts and soon he had a vial of his own. He quickly downed it once it was given to him, but suddenly he felt a horrible burning sensation, his flesh beginning to twist and warp, mouth sealing shut and nose receding into his face. It woke up later in an unfamiliar city, not knowing much but somehow recalling a few key skills in how to retain a character and play them convincingly.

Over the course of a few robberies and getting to know the Local scene, Mask decided to sign on to work under Duelist, acting as a Lieutenant for the local Mafia.